The intersection of cancer and aging, with Dr. Arti Hurria

Among the many important research areas of breast cancer and frankly all cancers is what's called survivorship; quality of life and the ability to live independently. Among older survivors, one area of concern: cognitive decline or memory loss. This is one of the areas that Dr. Arti Hurria studies. Dr. Hurria and her team focus on older, long-term breast cancer survivors looking at memory difference between those who received chemotherapy versus those who did not compared to healthy women of the same age who never had cancer. What might their discoveries offer in terms of predicting potential memory issues among survivors and, importantly, creating interventions to preserve capabilities and the highest possible quality of life?

Dr. Hurria is director of the Cancer and Aging Research Program at City of Hope. She is also co-leader of their Cancer Control and Population Sciences Program. A medical oncologist, Dr. Hurria recently joined the board of directors for the American Society of Clinical Oncology; the worlds leading professional organization of physicians who provide cancer care. She also has been a BCRF grantee since 2012. Dr. Hurria, thanks for joining me.

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